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In other words, Rhadamanthus is an expert in interrogating difficult subjects. Taking years to orbit the sun, but orbiting their mutual centre of mass every The orbital inclination of the system as a whole is close to zero, but as a double-object they orbit their own centre of mass at about degrees, meaning their self-orbital plane forms a disc almost perpendicular to the eccliptic.

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Nunam is the Earth goddess, Sila's wife. Nunam created the land animals and the first people of Inuit out of wet sand. Sila breathed life into the Inuit. Helios at HereticalOracles.

The Centaurs of Astrology: Chiron, Pholus, Nessus & More

The name of the system is the combined names of the two bodies, Sila and Nunam. It orbits very close to mean-motion resonance with Neptune. I would equate that to their real meaning in the chart: What you need to truly feel whole. This is very Chirotic, a need that cannot be filled from within, but one that you seek out in another.

No man is an island, after all- least of all a God! Themes of Capricorn vs Cancer and 5th vs 11th house, needing summer in my life but expanding most through the winter. It could be your greatest temptation, or addiction and it will be the one thing that gets you every time.

You will have to fight this battle again and again until you build enough willpower to see this demon off once and for all. For some people willpower is not the problem, in fact it might be that they have too much will, making them tough on themselves and too hard hearted. Centaurs are asteroids whose unstable orbits extend into the realm of the outer planets.

Due to the complex gravitational forces of their orbits, they tend to show very chaotic motion. They display features of planets, asteroids and comets, and hence earn their association with the mythological hybrids they are named after [5]. It is one of only two non-planetary objects in the solar system known to have 'rings'.

It was the first centaur ever discovered, in Its days are about 5. It is considered to be a 'refugee' from the Kuiper belt, probably sent out as a large remnant of a massive collision. It is named after the centaur Chiron from greek mythology.


It was named after the brother of the centaur Chiron from greek mythology and like Chiron it is also considered to be a refugee from the Kuiper belt. It is composed of iced water and methanol as well as amorphous carbon and various complex organic compounds. In April , Nessus was officially named, becoming the first Centaur to have its name suggested by modern astrologers and began this trend of collaboration between astrologers and astronomers in namings of bodies [6].

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It was discovered in The first body her size to do so! In the myths, she is connected to Chiron and Athena, two incredibly important and wise figures. What is common in both of the story fragments that we have is that Chariklo as a figure who is truly devoted to the people in her life, someone who can be trusted. I posit that Chariklo shows us who and where we can trust others, or where we suspect those who do not have anything truly against us, in retrograde. I mean, her name translates to Grace, essentially. Getting a feel for what might work for me and my family. Dreaming big, and visual mental rehearsal is particularly well aspected, with the Jupiter, Mars and Midheaven grand fire trine, linking up the 2nd house of resources, the 6th house of work and the 10th house of achievement.


I do have a couple of reservations about this date though, and that is how the eclipse is conjunct both asteroid Amycus , and asteroid Icarus Both have a bad rep when you consider that they have a thing about power. Amycus seeks power and is associated with all the bad sides of power abuse namely, masochism, narcissism, being out of touch with reality in such a big way that Amycus energy isolates people and has little empathy for others. The story of Icarus is far more benign power-wise, but has an over-inflated sense of achievement and capability.

The Centaurs of Astrology: Chiron, Pholus & Nessus

AKA — be careful what you wish for. Not only could I look at your birthchart, but I can also add in useful asteroids pertaining to your success and let you know how they influence you, and also when your phases of growth and phases of advancement are coming up so you can be prepared. Asteroid Talent is particularly useful, as is Industria, Pallas, Vesta and Icarus in identifying your strengths, motivation and passions.

I can also add in industry specific asteroids to do with your chosen career, for instance asteroids to do with writing, creating, art, management, people, sales, healing, beauty, teaching….

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Mid November is an interesting time. There seems to be a strong healing narrative.